Basware Gives Oracle ERP Users Easy Access to eInvoicing  

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Finnish eInvoicing supplier Basware says it has created a “recipe” that lets users of the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP link easy to the Basware platform. 

The institution announced the merchandise Wednesday (Oct. 27), saying its eInvoice Recipe offers a modular out-of-the-box interface that lets Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning users person each of their invoices wholly electronically, nary substance the format successful which they’re submitted. 

Basware says the Recipe is disposable done the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, making it casual for Oracle Cloud ERP users to bask the advantages of eInvoicing, including savings, a simplification successful manual labour and a steep diminution successful errors.  

“The existent powerfulness of an eInvoicing Network lies successful its reach,” Perttu Nihti, main merchandise serviceman astatine Basware, said.

“With this collaboration, it volition beryllium casual for a precise ample radical of customers to articulation 1 of the world's biggest unfastened eInvoicing networks. Our ‘open’ attack means that suppliers are not obligated to nonstop done our network; they tin usage immoderate of the hundreds of planetary interoperability partners to scope their customers. This collaboration is an important measurement to planetary paperless invoicing,” helium said.

Basware says its eInvoice receiving solutions see nonstop eInvoice speech and interoperability (invoices submitted done alternate platforms). In addition, users get entree to Scan and OCR insubstantial invoices, machine-readable PDF invoices and PDF information extraction. 

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Earlier this month, Basware announced it was expanding its concern with the payments steadfast Comdata to make what they telephone “a almighty procure-to-pay ecosystem.” The companies accidental the operation of method and merchandise integration, and income and lawsuit occurrence teams volition assistance customers further automate accounts payable (AP) processes. 

In May, Basware announced it had made it easier for clients to place minority-owned businesses done its supplier absorption solution, letting them entree diverseness information provided by Dun & Bradstreet’s Diversity Database. 

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Customers tin usage the instrumentality to find which suppliers person minority-owned and tiny concern supplier presumption successful their network. This tin assistance businesses gathering supplier diverseness programs, portion besides giving procurement teams information they’d different person to participate manually. 

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